5 ways to calm down during the lockdown

I bet you have read up on multiple articles that tell you how to cope with the isolation anxiety that is caused by being on lockdown. If you are reading this, it means you still need help. With the uncertainty lurking in the back of our minds, we are all left to wonder if and when it will really be over. We find ourselves yearning for company and physical contact, affection or even just companionship. Perhaps this is the reason we see an increase in ads that promote digital companionship in many forms.

When you are in a confined space, it comes very easy to turn to the consumption of food, Television and digital content on the Internet to distract yourself from boredom or loneliness. Food becomes a replacement for physical contact while the Internet replaces our social lives. It is easy to find yourself running low on creativity and high on the lack of dopamine and serotonin, as alcohol and access to other stimulants and activities has been cut off due to this lockdown. Let me just say, what we all need is just a way to calm down during this lockdown.

There are however, ways in which you can consume and be stimulated without affecting yourself negatively. Here’s what I mean by affecting yourself negatively:

  • An over indulgence in social media leads to further depression especially if you see the things that you yearn for or get updates on content that perpetuates your pre-existing anxiety and uncertainty.
  • An over indulgence in food leads to being unhealthy.
  • Over stimulation through pornography and excessive masturbation can lead to future sexual health problems such as low libido or sexual impotence.

In general, an over indulgence of anything even if its good can result in negative outcomes so, we need to be able to ration our consumption and engagement in the things that bring us joy and help us “forget” that we are presently on lockdown.

Here are some tricks to help you calm down during this lockdown and make you feel less anxious:

1. Video call with loved ones.

It can be easy to feel very lovely when you are on lockdown in the city, in your apartment far away from family. As someone who uses the Internet on a daily basis, how about you set sometime weekly or daily to video call a loved one. Plenty of social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, to name a few, allow this interface. Speaking to those you love can put a smile on your face and it’s that smile that will help release serotonin in your brain and leave you feeling loved and in a serene mood.

2. Learn a new hobby.

The Internet is crawling with tips and tricks on how to do multiple things from easy 5 minutes crafts to complicated professional looking DIY projects. Pick one based on the resources you have. Learn how to draw, bake or even how to make a shirt from an old sheet – the list is endless. The trick is to choose something you are interested in and have fun. Platforms like Pintrest allow you to show off your attempts of the projects people have pinned, that way you get to connect with new people who have similar interests to yours and learn new things.

3. Learn to meditate.

Meditation might be a word that is commonly used but the practice is not that easy. Thankfully, YouTube and other spirituality focused websites give access to a wide range of meditation techniques that allow you to target a specific intention. These techniques range from beginner 5 minutes guided meditation videos to more expert binaural instruments that stimulate the mind and body channels while one meditates. You can search for the exact result you want to achieve e.g. “Guided meditation to clear anxiety” and multiple videos will pop up. You just need choose the one you resonate with the most. Learning starts here and the inner journey to being calm begins.

4. Stretch before bed, Stretch when you wake up.

Not everyone is an active gym freak, or yoga enthusiast but to maintain a healthy blood circulation, a simple stretch can go a long way while stretching with intention goes even further. When you wake up, just after rising from your bed – stretch; raise your arms as high as you can and smile, have the thought “I am happy” in mind as you feel the wonderful sensations that comes from your muscles as they extend to their limits. Now roll yourself forward to bend and touch your toes while the thought remains in your mind and the smile becomes bigger on your face and don’t forget to breath. Feel free to burst out in laughter if you want, it will bring you more joy. Congratulations you just sent happiness into your arms and legs. Do the same before bed.

5.Drink water.

Staying hydrated is an extremely important part of being human because we are made up of 82% water and that means every cell in our body relies on water to stay alive. Not only does water leave you hydrated but also drinking it with intention can help alleviate stress, anxiety and other illnesses. Whenever you lift a glass or flask of water, have a positive thought in mind, e.g. “I am healthy and safe”. The cells in your body will not only receive hydration, they will be hydrated by programmed water. You will heal yourself cell by cell and learn to maintain a positive mindset.

Allow yourself to learn new and creative habits during this lockdown, breath and calm down.

Author: Afro Shakti

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