Programming your water for health, wealth and happiness

Do you want to learn how to program your water for health, wealth and happiness?

Well, even if you do not know what that means, you are yet to learn how a glass of water can be the first step you take to changing your entire life. Good health, wealth and happiness are a goal most of us are working so hard to try and achieve, but turns out, there’s an easier way to get there without breaking a great sweat.

This however, is not “abracadabra” magic that eliminates applying yourself to actual work. The technique of programming your water helps to alleviate the daily stresses you acquire in your quest to achieve your goals. It also works as a catalyst to help you manifest your desires more rapidly than you would under your normal circumstances.

How does it work?

It’s all universal science really. Through quantum physics we learn that every atom in every existing organism is full of energetic waves that vibrates at varying frequencies that are contributed upon by the nurturing properties of its environment. This is the foundation of our human cells as well.  The foundation of water is also made up of the very same atoms we are made up of. Though energy cannot be created or destroyed, its state can be altered, by influencing the frequency of its vibration.

So, how does this science help you program water for health, wealth and happiness?

Our words contain an energy frequency of their own, which is why affirmations play such an important role in influencing our reality to help manifest our desires. Our words are also a tool we can use to alter the state of water to help “amp up” the vibrational frequency of the atoms in our body.

Speaking over a glass of water also known as “drinking with intent” can help heal and reprogram the cells in your body.  This will help you vibrate at the same frequency of the words you spoke and it will help you attract what you desire. You can do this using various techniques.


You can pray over your glass of water. This can be done by holding a glass or cup of water that you are about to drink, and speak a prayer of what you desire over it. There are no limitations to what you can pray for. E.g. “ I pray that I remain healthy and attract good health all around me, amen”. After doing this, drink your water with a smile knowing that your cells will receive and obey the intention.

Written affirmations

Another technique you can use is an affirmation that you write on a piece of paper. You can write down what you desire on a piece of paper and place your cup of water over the note or stick it on your cup and leave it for at least 5 minutes before drinking. This is to allow the water to absorb the frequency of the words you have written. E.g. “I am happy now that I attract new customers in my business everyday”. Keep your drinking water on the note every time and drink in the affirmation while you hydrate yourself.

There are many other techniques that you can use but the above  two have been tried and tested. Use the method you resonate with the most and see your life begin to change and adapt to what you actually desire. Drink your water, eat healthy and get moving.

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